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11832Keeping latex message after compilation

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  • Byungchul Cha
    Sep 29, 2010

      I use vim for editing my latex file, but I do not use the vim-latex
      suite. I have the following line

      :map <F5> :w <CR> :!pdflatex --shell-escape % <CR> :!open -a Skim.app
      %<.pdf <CR>

      in my .vimrc file. This works for me when I use vim in terminal.

      I have the same line above in .gvimrc, but, there is an issue when I
      use MacVim. The problem for me is that MacVim does not show the latex
      compiling message after compilation and opens Skim. (Well,
      technically, it does show the mesage but it disappears fast as it
      opens Skim next.) I would like to glance the message before I go back
      to editing.

      I do not have this problem when I use vim in terminal, so, I suppose
      there must be a way to fix this.


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