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11831Re: no windows on MacVim 7.3 (53) OSX 10.6.4

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  • björn
    Sep 27, 2010
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      On 27 September 2010 07:11, Thomas <tjlahr@...> wrote:
      > Solved!
      > Turns out I had a circular logic in my .bashrc that was causing it to
      > hang whenever I ran bash. Following your advice, I watched what was
      > happening in the system monitor and noticed that each Cmd-N was
      > creating a new bash process which would spike my cpu usage. Each new
      > window command created a new bash process would run and then crash
      > after a while. (Btw, there were no Vim crash reports in ~/Library/Logs/
      > CrashReporter, but there were a TON of bash crash reports.)
      > So I renamed my bash dot files and MacVim opened just fine, including
      > new windows. Great. I then went through the dot files and found the
      > offending code and changed it.
      > I should have caught this myself following the ReportingBugs wiki
      > page, but I when I read "temporarily rename your rc-files and .vim
      > directory", I only thought of the .vimrc file and ignored bash. Maybe
      > emphasizing 'all' rc-files might filter out more reports like these?
      > Anyway, thanks for your time and help. I hope this thread comes in
      > handy for somebody going through a similar issue.

      Great that you figured it out. I'll update the ReportingBugs wiki to
      include a step where all rc-files are renamed. Thanks for the


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