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11814Re: no windows on MacVim 7.3 (53) OSX 10.6.4

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  • björn
    Sep 25, 2010
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      On 24 September 2010 20:51, Thomas <tjlahr@...> wrote:
      > Opening MacVim either from the dock, the applications folder or
      > terminal ('open -a MacVim'), displays no window. Neither does Cmd-N
      > (New Window). However launching MacVim through it's binary ('mvim')
      > works just fine, although Cmd-N does not work.
      > I've read trough the ReportingBugs and none of those steps fixed the
      > problem. I've also searched the group and found two similar issues,
      > neither of which applies to me:
      > "No Window at all in Mac OS 10.5.2" (Posted 9/13/10)
      >  - Logitech Control Center problem (I don't use LCC)
      > "No windows macvim 7.3 (and previous versions)" (Posted 3/15/08)
      >  - mislocated Ruby library (Library is in correct location)
      > Please let me know if I can provide any more details or if you have
      > any suggestions for troubleshooting.

      I've not seen anything like this before. I'd be interested to know
      what the debug logs say but in order to see them you need to enable
      them first. To do so, open up Terminal.app and type

      $ defaults write org.vim.MacVim MMLogLevel 7
      $ sudo syslog -c syslogd -d

      Now, quit MacVim, open Console.app and start MacVim again. Copy&paste
      the output in Console.app. After you've done this, try starting
      MacVim using the mvim script and copy&paste from Console.app again.

      When done, you can reset the debug settings to normal as follows:

      $ sudo syslog -c syslogd off
      $ defaults delete org.vim.MacVim MMLogLevel


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