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  • björn
    Sep 12, 2010
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      On 12 September 2010 03:42, Nico Weber wrote:
      > On 11.09.2010, at 18:21, Nico Weber wrote:
      >> Hi Björn,
      >> On 09.09.2010, at 11:47, björn wrote:
      >>> As a temporary solution I was thinking of adding a "Look Up in
      >>> Dictionary" entry to the context menu so that you can at least
      >>> right-click to look something up in the dictionary.  I just have to
      >>> figure out if there is some Apple Script-way of doing this so that I
      >>> can hook up "osascript" to do it.  (I get the impression that the only
      >>> way to interact with Dictionary.app is via Services.)
      >> Here's how Chromium does that: http://codereview.chromium.org/3139007/diff/8001/9006 (look at the very bottom).
      > (…and here's a crash fix for that code on 10.5: http://codereview.chromium.org/3217006/diff/5001/6001 :-P)

      Thanks for the links. That was how I initially thought it best to
      handle the dictionary, but on second thought I believe Jiang's
      suggestion (well, almost) of using


      is better (although it is 10.6 only). The reason being that it can
      handle the situation where the selection is empty and also that it
      works properly with strings like "las vegas" when only "vegas" is
      selected (it looks up "las vegas" instead of just "vegas").


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