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  • björn
    Sep 8, 2010
      2010/9/8 Nikola Knežević <laladelausanne@...>:
      > In the latest version of MacVim, it is not possible to use Cmd+Ctl+D to get system's dictionary for the work below the cursor. I can't vouch, but I think this option used to work on older versions. Can this option be added back, since it is quite useful, esp. when editing other people's texts?
      > I'm using experimental renderer, on MacBookPro2,1, Mac OS X 10.6.4.

      This feature only works with the default renderer. I'm not sure if
      this is hard-wired into NSTextView or if it is some sort of system
      service. Have to check it out -- I agree that it would be nice to
      have in the experimental renderer as well.

      Patches are welcome of course...


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