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  • björn
    Sep 2 7:54 AM
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      On 2 September 2010 13:31, Mark Santcroos wrote:
      >> Le 1 sept. 2010 à 16:57, björn a écrit :
      > On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 23:05, Vincent Berthoux <twinside@...> wrote:
      >>   What about this commands :
      >> nnoremap <SwipeLeft> gt
      >> nnoremap <SwipeRight> gT
      >> this way, the swipe allow us to switch around the opened tabs, which quite fit the gesture idea.
      > I fully support this usage from Vincent, it was exactly what I had in
      > mind at the time and I like it already.
      > It is confirming with my Firefox tab switching. And it is really
      > faster than clicking the tab if you are browsing through text and you
      > are not near the top.

      Ok! Still not my cup of tea though. :-)

      I did however think of something that I am considering to make a
      MacVim default mapping, namely:

      nmap <buffer> <SwipeLeft> :po<CR>
      nmap <buffer> <SwipeRight> :ta<CR>

      in $VIMRUNTIME/ftpluging/help.vim. This way it is possible to go
      back/forward in the help files using swipe (but this _only_ applies to
      help files, so swipe can still be bound to whatever in other buffers).
      I just tried it out and it makes navigating the help a lot more
      pleasant! Comments?

      I also noticed that the swipe key will affect the "focused" view
      instead of the one that the mouse cursor is over which feels a bit
      unintuitive. I'll put it on my todo to fix this. Uh, and swiping in
      cmdline mode inserts <SwipeXXX> into the cmdline...annoying, will fix
      this too.


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