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  • björn
    Sep 2, 2010
      On 1 September 2010 23:05, Vincent Berthoux wrote:
      >   What about this commands :
      > nnoremap <SwipeLeft> gt
      > nnoremap <SwipeRight> gT
      > this way, the swipe allow us to switch around the opened tabs, which quite fit the gesture idea.

      This doesn't sound very useful to me: isn't it easier to just click
      the tab you want to go to? (Or have fewer tabs open if they can't all
      fit in the tabline.)

      > A more complex machinery could be used to allow the user to change font size with the Pinchin/Pinchout, but it might need a more consequent vimscript to handle it.

      If the gestures are to be useful I think they'd need to be bound to
      something that you use fairly often, and how often do you change the
      font size? I think they also should be associated with something that
      currently can't be done when your hands are off the keyboard -- so,
      something to do with viewing files but that cannot already be done
      using the mouse...

      Thanks for you thoughts though!


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