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1174Re: Eliminating StuffIt from the OS X build process

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  • Dany St-Amant
    Oct 26, 2003
      Le vendredi, 24 oct 2003, à 17:31 Canada/Eastern, Daniel Sandler a
      écrit :

      >> Just a quick note: opening .hqx files can have nasty side effects...
      > That's for sure.
      > Is there any particular reason that BinHex is being used to encapsulate
      > these Mac resources, rather than something a little easier to
      > manipulate
      > from make or jam? (That is, something that can be used with blocking
      > shell tools?) I have a couple of ideas on how this might be done:

      As I always decode it before hand, I never saw an issue. Beside
      suggestion, one could possible use an AppleScript as Stuffit Expander
      a destination folder through AppleScript.

      > Suggestion 1: Use the OS X pseudo-file spec to manipulate resources

      No can do. This will not work on the pre-MacOS X.

      > Suggestion 2: use DeRez/Rez, part of the OS X developer tools

      This should work fine as both MPW and old CodeWarrior version
      supported Rez.

      > Usage: once you have a gui_mac.rsrc you like, use DeRez to create a
      > gui_mac_static.r (since gui_mac.r already exists to include dynamic
      > stuff like VIM_VERSION_*) and check the new .r file into CVS. Use
      > $REZ from the Makefile to reconstitute gui_mac.rsrc when needed.

      One file should be enough as the current gui_mac.r was extracted from
      the original gui_mac.rsrc to properly propagate the version number.

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