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11660Re: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono wont show up in font dialog

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  • björn
    Aug 12, 2010
      On 12 August 2010 09:19, Martin Lundberg wrote:
      > I installed Bitstream Vera Sans Mono on my mac and installed it in
      > Font Book but it won't show up in the dialog for choosing your font in
      > macvim. It shows in Font Book. Any idea why this is?

      No, it should work...in fact, I just tried installing it myself and it
      shows up in font chooser (but as always you will have to make sure to
      select the "All Fonts" Collection in order to see it...user installed
      fonts don't get sorted into the "Fixed WIdth" collection

      Can you manually set the font? As in

      :set gfn=Bitstream\ Vera\ Sans\ Mono


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