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11625Re: Problem building MacVim7.3

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  • björn
    Jul 30, 2010
      On 29 July 2010 01:34, Bryan Ross wrote:
      > That seemed to do the trick! Except now I'm getting an error in the Make
      > Icons step:
      > In src/MacVim/icons/make_icons.py:
      > 140:        font = NSFont.fontWithName_size_('EnvyCodeR-Bold', 7.0)
      > 141:        assert font
      > That assert is failing for some reason. I fixed it by installing Envy Code
      > in my FontBook, but isn't it supposed to download Envy Code to avoid
      > specifically that scenario?

      Yes, the makefile downloads the font before running make_icons.py.
      Does the build output say anything about why it is failing?


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