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11563Re: Copy after vim line folding loses newlines

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  • J. Lewis Muir
    Jul 20, 2010
      On 7/17/10 12:16 PM, björn wrote:
      > A patch to (properly) support copy&paste in console Vim on OS X was
      > merged with the 7.3 branch only days ago. You can download and build
      > from source (using hg [1] or git [2]) or wait for 7.3 to be released.
      > (When you try it out, note that you have to use "*y and "*p to
      > copy&paste.)

      Hi, Björn.

      I tried the 7.3b BETA branch you suggested and it worked. Excellent!

      Too bad the standard Mac OS X text selection doesn't work. FYI, I tried
      the same thing with Emacs 22.1.1 (/usr/bin/emacs) and the standard Mac
      OS X text selection *does* work with it. From a Terminal command prompt
      I typed "emacs genesis-kjv.txt", then:

      C-u 70 C-x f
      C-x h
      M-x fill-region <return>

      (Don't type any spaces. 'C-' means hold down the Control key while
      pressing the key that follows. 'M-' means hold down the Meta key while
      pressing the key that follows. (In my Mac OS X environment, and
      probably the default on most others, I had to press the Escape key and
      let go to generate an 'M-'.) <return> means press the Return key.)

      After doing the above in Emacs, I selected the text using the standard
      Mac OS X click-and-drag method, pressed Command-C, and successfully
      pasted it into a Vim session in insert mode with Command-V.

      It would be great if this could "just work" in Vim as I would expect,
      but I would understand if there's an implementation reason why not.

      Nonetheless, I'm quite pleased with the new yank-to-clipboard feature
      for Mac OS X in Vim 7.3b BETA; it works well for me.



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