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11529Re: Accidentally pasting in Command Line mode

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  • Carl Jacobsen
    Jul 6, 2010
      On 3 July 2010 21:25, Andy wrote:

      > I have one major annoyance with MacVim, which I'm surprised I can't
      > find anyone else mentioning. Specifically, on a semi-regular basis, I
      > copy a large amount of text from, e.g., a terminal session, switch to
      > vim, paste it, and - bang! I discover I was in command line mode and
      > as a result I am in for a long wait.

      (Sorry to come in at the end, just back from the long weekend.)

      So, I paste text into MacVim all the time (with either Cmd-C/Cmd-V,
      or drag and drop), and have always been pleased/grateful [THANKS BJÖRN!]
      that it cheerfully inserted the text whether I was in command mode or
      insert mode (after long painful experience with pasting into vi/vim
      in the terminal and waiting while text was misinterpreted as a long
      sequence of commands).

      You say you're having this problem in command *line* mode -- if I'm
      understanding right... is there some reason why you would go out of
      your way to type ":" to get into command line mode, before switching
      away from MacVim? Or am I misunderstanding?

      Just curious,

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