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11526Re: MacVim 7.3a BETA - Intel/10.6+

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jul 5 5:39 PM
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      On Jun 8, 10:11 pm, Wy Mitbbs <wy.mit...@...> wrote:
      > Where can I find a Change log of vim 7.3? Thank you

      For those who would like to know _before_ installing it, here's a

      * Changed
      - Extra and language sources are planned to be merged into the main
      Unix source archive. At the moment there is no source archive yet but
      a Mercurial repository is already in place.
      - After recovery, if the buffer differs from the file on disk it is
      now set as 'modified'
      - When exiting because of a deadly signal and v:dying is >=2,
      autocommands are skipped

      * Added
      - Persistent undo (partly by J. Lewis)
      - 'relativenumber' option (M. Heidelberg)
      - Blowfish encryption (stronger) (mostly by M. Ahmed).
      ("Traditional" Vim encryption is still supported by the same
      - Netbeans in a terminal (X. de Gaye)
      - Ten more floating-point functions (W. McCarthy)
      - gettabvar() and settabvar() (Y. Lakshmanan)
      - new syntax and filetype plugins (TODO)
      - new spelling dictionaries (Breton by D. Pellé, others TODO)
      - Support GDK_SUPER_MASK for GTK on Mac. (S. Schulz)

      * Removed
      - (old) GTK1 GUI support

      * Fixed
      - Several bugs

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