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11518Re: Accidentally pasting in Command Line mode

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  • Andy Block
    Jul 4, 2010
      On Jul 4, 2010, at 12:58 PM, björn wrote:

      > On 3 July 2010 21:25, Andy wrote:
      >> I have one major annoyance with MacVim, which I'm surprised I can't
      >> find anyone else mentioning. Specifically, on a semi-regular basis, I
      >> copy a large amount of text from, e.g., a terminal session, switch to
      >> vim, paste it, and - bang! I discover I was in command line mode and
      >> as a result I am in for a long wait.
      > Ouch! I was not aware of this problem. Fortunately there is an easy
      > fix: use Cmd-. instead of Ctrl-C to interrupt.

      Hi Björn,

      Thanks for you quick response, and suggested workaround. However, Cmd-. also does not appear to interrupt for me. Did you confirm that it worked for you? Would this behaviour depend on any configuration, or the setting of some option? Thanks again,


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