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11517Re: Accidentally pasting in Command Line mode

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  • björn
    Jul 4, 2010

      On 3 July 2010 21:25, Andy wrote:
      > I have one major annoyance with MacVim, which I'm surprised I can't
      > find anyone else mentioning. Specifically, on a semi-regular basis, I
      > copy a large amount of text from, e.g., a terminal session, switch to
      > vim, paste it, and - bang! I discover I was in command line mode and
      > as a result I am in for a long wait. For example I just did this with
      > 235 lines of text, and had to wait around 10 minutes before vim was in
      > a usable state again. I can't interrupt with Ctrl-C nor Ctrl-Z. And
      > the rate of pasting seems to slow down exponentially, so you see
      > characters crawling along at a rate of about 10 a second.

      Ouch! I was not aware of this problem. Fortunately there is an easy
      fix: use Cmd-. instead of Ctrl-C to interrupt.

      Of course, Ctrl-C _should_ work but in some cases it does not because
      it requires that Vim checks for incoming events. Sometimes when its
      stuck in a long loop (like in your situation) it seems to "forget" to
      do so. I will try to hunt down where it is stuck now and make it
      check for incoming events and Ctrl-C will once more work.

      It is because of situations such as this that I added Cmd-. as another
      way of interrupting Vim (note that Cmd-. is the standard way to
      interrupt Mac apps). It does not require Vim to check for incoming
      events, instead it sends SIGINT to the Vim process so in general it is
      a more effective way of halting Vim. (All of this is hidden under ":h
      cmd-." in the MacVim help by the way.)

      So, use Cmd-. for now. I'll try to make Ctrl-C work again when I get the time.


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