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11505Re: How do I change the line height?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jun 27, 2010
      On 27/06/10 15:50, björn wrote:
      > On 27 June 2010 05:26, Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      >> On Apr 21, 2:07 am, björn<bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      >>> On 20 April 2010 17:18, Bjorn Tipling wrote:
      >>>> I would like to increase the spacing between lines for better
      >>>> readability. Is this possible in MacVim?
      >>> You'll want to try
      >>> :set linespace=1
      >>> and adjust the "1" to your liking. Unfortunately, 'linespace' only
      >>> takes integer values so you may not be able to adjust it as precisely
      >>> as you would like.
      >> How precise would you want to be? According to the help, 'linespace'
      >> is measured in pixels, not in text lines.
      > My point is that 'linespace=1' adds up to quite a lot of extra (total)
      > space if you have a moderate amount of lines, making the lines seem
      > quite far apart (at least to my eyes). On Mac OS X all drawing is
      > done using floats so fractional line spacing would allow for finer
      > control.
      > Björn

      Well, my point is that the screen is made of pixels anyway, so that any
      fractional setting here would have to be rendered by spacing the lines
      unequally (e.g. lsp=0.25, if supported, would mean one additional pixel
      every four lines) which wouldn't be nice to look at.

      Best regards,
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      -- Christopher Morley

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