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11468MacVim 7.3a BETA - Intel/10.6+

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  • björn
    Jun 7, 2010

      In preparation for the release of Vim 7.3 I have uploaded a version of
      MacVim based on Vim 7.3a BETA (this includes all commits to the vim73
      branch up to and including 5b8ff51). Get it here:


      This build requires an Intel Mac running 10.6 or later. When 7.3 is
      released I will build another version that runs on earlier versions of
      OS X and which supports PPC. (Note: This build includes support for
      automatic updating so you'll be notified of new builds, including when
      7.3 is released.)

      Please download and play with it but do note that this is based on the
      UNSTABLE Vim 7.3 BETA branch. There is basically no new code to
      MacVim itself compared with snapshot 52, but there have been lots of
      changes to core Vim -- some of which are pretty big (persistent undo,
      Vince Negri's "conceal" patch, to name but two).

      I am still in the process of switching over to GitHub (both for the
      source code as well as binaries) -- please let me know if you have any
      comments on the switch (are there any problems with downloading etc.).

      The instructions for building your own version of the MacVim 7.3a BETA are here:



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