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11392Re: Clipboard Syncronization

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  • björn
    Apr 7, 2010
      On 7 April 2010 14:45, Wayne E. Seguin wrote:
      > OK, on snapshot 52, when started from command line using `mvim` I
      > cannot Command+{C,V} to work from the clipboard.

      I assume you are using "screen" and you're not running Snow Leopard?
      This is known to stuff up the OS X clipboard.

      Your alternatives are:
      1) use "open -a MacVim file1 file2 ..."
      2) open files from Finder
      3) don't use "screen"
      4) update to Snow Leopard (the version of "screen" that comes with SL is fixed)
      5) somebody posted a patch to "screen" -- use this and compile your own "screen"


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