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11385RE: Conceal Patch / MacVim

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  • John Beckett
    Apr 6, 2010
      Nicholas Cole wrote:
      > Has anyone managed to build MacVim with Vince Negri's Conceal
      > patch ( http://sites.google.com/site/vincenegri/ )

      I tried late last December. At the time, the latest Vim was
      7.2.323 and after quite a bit of trouble I modified Vince's
      patch (which is based on Vim 7.2.141) so I got a successful
      build (and I carefully checked that I had not broken the patch).

      In testing, it seemed to work (I was interested mainly in
      cursorbind because Vim's scrollbind is extremely irritating
      under certain conditions when doing a diff).

      However, when I used the patched Vim with tab pages (not using
      any of the Conceal patch features), the patched Vim would
      frequently crash.

      Following is the last note that I wrote while testing:
      OMG looks like following is enough to crash:
      gvim -N -u NONE
      :syn off

      The issue is still on my todo list. I was thinking of updating
      the patch to apply it with the current Vim version, then
      emailing Vince and asking for help (I have looked at the code
      and it is extremely complex). I should mention that I do not use
      a Mac (I scan this list only because I am one of the managers
      who approve new members in order to avoid spam).


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