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113Re: [vim-mac] Mac-VIM Source

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 1, 2000
      Ammon Skidmore wrote:

      > >What's the best way to get the source code to VIM? I'd like to make
      > >some tweaks to the mac compile.
      > To answer my own question, I needed to get the vim-5.7-extra.tar.gz
      > from the ftp site and compile that against the general sources (which
      > I got from the Unix 5.7 dist). It compiles fine under CW 5 (I
      > haven't cleared enuf disk space to install CW6 yet). The CVS web
      > page is still broken tho.

      If your CVS problems are persistent, contact Johannes Zellner.

      > Now I'm wondering if there has been any development of mac-vim
      > lately. Is the code in the "Vim 5.7.9" binary I saw linked off
      > versiontracker.com the same as the project I just built with the 5.7
      > sources? If I make a useful change to VIM, who do I contact to get
      > the changes committed to the CVS database?

      There also is the 6.0 branch. It includes changes for the Mac port. You can
      also get it from the ftp server, in the unreleased tree.

      If you have any patches that should be included in the distribution, e-mail
      them to me. You might want to ask some other Mac users to try them out first,
      since I can't test the Mac version myself.

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