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11256Re: Trailing ^M characters in .vimrc?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Mar 1, 2010
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      On Feb 27, 9:39 am, Jonathan <jonathan.w...@...> wrote:
      > Apologies if this is an obvious problem, but the solutions I've been
      > looking at don't seem to work.
      > When I load MacVim (via mvim from the terminal), the following error
      > messages appear:
      > >Error detected while processing /Users/jweed/.vimrc:
      > >line    2:
      > >E488: Trailing characters: nocompatible^M
      > >line    5:
      > >E474: Invalid argument: columns=80^M
      > >line    6:
      > >E474: Invalid argument: wrapmargin=8^M
      > >line    7:
      > >E492: Not an editor command: ^M
      > Based on information I've found online, this seems to be a problem
      > with line encodings. The only solutions I've found suggest fixing this
      > problem by running a substitute command: %s/\r/\r/g. I've tried this
      > (from inside MacVim) and it seems to work fine, but when I restart
      > mvim the same error occurs and my .vimrc options are not set.
      > Any suggestions? For reference, my .vimrc appears below, as it appears
      > when I open it in macvim.
      > Thanks, Jonathan

      See :help :source-crnl

      If you want to use a single vimrc on Unix-like Vim (which can only
      handle LF-only ends-of-lines) and on Mac-Classic-like Vim (which can
      handle either LF-only or CR-only but only if 'fileformats' [plural] is
      not empty) you may have to (1) make sure that your vimrc was written
      with 'fileformat' (singular) set to "unix" (use :setlocal ff=unix just
      before writing it) and (2) invoke Vim with --cmd "set ffs=mac,unix" on
      the command-line.

      See also
      :help 'fileformat'
      :help 'fileformats'
      :help --cmd

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