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11253snapshot 51 install question

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  • the_orn
    Feb 26, 2010
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      I'm new to mac, but old to vim on other platforms.

      I've got Snow Leopard on a MacBook. I downloaded snapshot 51.. and
      took a look at the readme in the zip. I copied the MacVim directory
      over to the Utilities folder and launched it. I can't get an editor
      window, though the application seems to be running. Open and New do
      nothing. Preferences does nothing.

      I checked the console, and the vim there is 7.2. I can't tell if it's
      running the macvim install or if Apple has updated the vim install
      since the notes on the vim.org website. (There, it says that Macs
      only run 6.2.)

      I'm probably missing something simple. I'd appreciate any help you
      can give a newbie. :)


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