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11251Re: mvim from the command line

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  • Edward Marczak
    Feb 23, 2010
      On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 5:32 AM, Lewis@Gmail <gkreme@...> wrote:

      > Also, and this may be off topic, I have the following function in
      > my .bashrc (adapted from this month's MacTech)
      > function vi() { ${HOME}/Applications/MacVim/mvim ${@}: }

      Darn it....I'm the author of that article, and as soon as I saw it in
      print *here*, I immediately said, 'that should be quoted!' So, in
      short, it should be this:

      vi() { ${HOME}/Applications/MacVim/mvim "${@}"; }

      Sorry for the confusion.

      Mac users and their spaces....who puts spaces in a file name
      anyway...stay off my lawn!

      As far as mvim behavior, I'm going to guess you're running 10.6, which
      unifies the login sessions. Normally, it's really desirable, but can
      mess you up when remotely ssh-ing in. You can detect this in your
      .bash_profile and act accordingly:

      if [[ $DISPLAY != "" ]]; then
      # We are local
      # We are in via ssh

      Hope that helps.
      Ed Marczak
      e: marczak@...
      w: http://www.radiotope.com/writing

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