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11250mvim from the command line

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  • Lewis@Gmail
    Feb 23, 2010
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      I've been using MacVim for about a week now and am starting to get
      used to it, but there's a couple of things that are frustrating me.

      One, is when I ssh into my machine, I am expecting that mvim will
      behave basically like vim, and let me edit a file from my ssh session.
      Instead, it's opening the file in the GUI.

      Also, and this may be off topic, I have the following function in
      my .bashrc (adapted from this month's MacTech)

      function vi() { ${HOME}/Applications/MacVim/mvim ${@}: }

      However, when I try to edit a file with spaces in the path I get:

      $ vi Documents/Sing\ that\ iTune\!/Aqua/Barbie\ Girl.txt
      4 files to edit

      and instead of getting the actual file, I get "Documents/Sing" "that"
      "iTune\!/Aqua/Barbie" and "Girl.txt"

      And I get them in the GUI only, not in the ssh session I have open to
      that machine.

      Even in quotes, and escaped:

      $ vi "Documents/Sing\ that\ iTune\!/Aqua/Barbie\ Girl.txt"
      4 files to edit

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