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11202Remote commands?

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  • Sean DeNigris
    Feb 6, 2010
      Is there an easy way to use mvim --remote... to execute commands in a
      running instance of MacVim?

      This is what I've figured out so far from experimenting/docs
      * I can use --remote-send to type in the command
      * I can call a function that executes commands

      What I want to do is call a ruby method.

      What I am doing now is to add a function to my .vimrc like:
      function DoCommand(cmd)
      exe a:cmd

      So the usage would be like:

      If I have a ruby method:
      def delete_line(num)
      cb = VIM::Buffer.current

      I could call it from the command line with:
      mvim --remote-expr "DoCommand('ruby delete_line(1)')" --servername

      This works, but I was wondering if there was a way to do it directly
      from the command line (in a running instance of MacVim).


      Sean DeNigris

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