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11196Re: Problem with BufRead and system()

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  • Israel Chauca Fuentes
    Feb 5, 2010
      On Feb 4, 2010, at 3:30 PM, björn wrote:
      > On 1 February 2010 19:17, Israel Chauca Fuentes wrote:
      >> I attached some files that I used to grep for 'macOS'. When I try with multiple files (*.tcl), a swap file is created for end.tcl, but when I grep start.tcl only no swap file is created.
      > I've tried ":grep 'macOS' *.tcl" and ":grep 'macOS' start.tcl" (after
      > issuing the :au command). Both finish more or less instantaneously
      > without any problems.

      Did you set the autocommand calling system() before using :grep? I use:

      :au BufRead *.* echo system('date')

      > Could it be that you've installed some other
      > grep program that causes this problem? (Mine is the one that came
      > with OS X 10.6.2.)

      Seems to be the original grep, grep --version reports "GNU grep 2.5.1", but the problem persists even if I set grepprg to use ack, which was the tool I was using when this started.

      > When the window "freezes" can you "unfreeze" it by pressing Ctrl-C?
      > How about if you press Cmd-. (this sends SIGINT to the Vim process)?

      Nope, I have to killall -9 Vim or force quit from the Activity Monitor.

      > Have you tried using :vimgrep instead?

      Yes, there is no problem with that. Since this only happens on the GUI, I also tried changing the renderer but it doesn't change anything.

      Well, if nobody else can reproduce it, it might well be something on my system that's responsible for this. I'll have to wait until I make a fresh system install to test that.


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