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11187Re: Problem with BufRead and system()

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  • Israel Chauca Fuentes
    Feb 1, 2010
      On Feb 1, 2010, at 9:04 AM, björn wrote:
      > On 1 February 2010 01:48, Israel Chauca Fuentes wrote:
      >> I recently tried to use the :grep command and found out that the current window (in a mac sense) froze. So I have tracked the origin and it is an autocmmand that calls system() on BufRead.
      >> I don't have problems with the default version of vim in my mac, with the one from Fink or when using the vim inside MacVim in the terminal, the problem only occurs in MacVim, I'm using snapshot 51.
      >> Starting with no config files or plug-ins, I reproduce it like this:
      >> 1. :au BufRead *.* echo system('date')
      >> 2. :grep 'pattern' file
      >> Could somebody else confirm this?
      > I can't reproduce. Does it perhaps depend on what files you are
      > grep:ing? I tried on one file at a time, several files (:grep 'gui'
      > *.c), but it does not freeze.

      I attached some files that I used to grep for 'macOS'. When I try with multiple files (*.tcl), a swap file is created for end.tcl, but when I grep start.tcl only no swap file is created.

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