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11162Re: British -ize spelling

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  • Yongwei Wu
    Jan 4, 2010
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      2010/1/4 Nicholas Cole <nicholas.cole@...>:
      > I'm using the latest version of MacVim (returning to Vim use after a
      > long time using another editor on the Mac).  Since I last used vim
      > properly, native spelling checking seems to have been added (a very
      > welcome addition - the days of fighting with plug-ins are over!).
      > Is there a dictionary available that gives the British spelling but
      > with the -ize variants?  en_gb isn't right for me, since I'm using Vim
      > to write documents for publishers that require the 'academic'
      > spellings.

      As far as I know, the en_gb dictionary allows the -ize spelling, and I
      use it as my default language. If, in addition, you want to mark the
      -ise spelling as an error, you may try the en_ca dictionary. The
      variants are all in the English dictionary shipped with Vim (at least
      this is the case on Windows).

      Wu Yongwei
      URL: http://wyw.dcweb.cn/

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