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11123Re: Installation clarity

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  • Nico Weber
    Dec 9, 2009
      > With this lots of discussion going on I think I should state my
      > point too.
      > Dragging apps into the application folder is how it's always been on
      > mac - easy.
      > In my opinion it's the best way to install MacVim.
      > Regarding the optional mvim script - why not take the same approach as
      > Textmate did?
      > In Textmate you have a click able help entry to install optional
      > components like mate
      > (the mvim for Textmate) or "Edit in Textmate".
      > MacVim could bundle the mvim script right in it's application bundle
      > and provide a
      > simple command or script to create the needed symlinks.
      > With this you would have all the benefits of drag-and-drop install,
      > sparkle and mvim.
      > (For which you have to read the :help entry anyway..)

      The plan was to put an "install mvim script" button in the second
      preference pane, but nobody got around to implementing it yet. Patches
      welcome, I guess :-)


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