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11120Re: Installation clarity

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  • Steven Michalske
    Dec 9, 2009
      On Dec 9, 2009, at 2:02 AM, björn wrote:

      > All Mac apps either come as an archive (admittedly it is usually a
      > .dmg though) or as an installer program. In the former case you
      > always just drag the app to wherever you want to keep it (usually
      > /Applications). The latter is not used that often really, or when it
      > is it's usually because the app you're installing contains multiple
      > files. In any case, it is not suitable for MacVim since it is only
      > one app bundle (the "mvim" script is optional).

      Package maker can make installers with MacVIM to /Applications and
      also optionally install mvim to say /usr/local/bin

      By default if someone moves MacVIM from /Applications the installer
      will follow the move and reinstall newer versions to where the user
      moved the Application bundle.

      Also the mvim component can be set as an optional installed item.

      This is precluding sparkle integration judgments, as I have not
      developed with sparkle.


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