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11119Re: Installation clarity

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  • björn
    Dec 9, 2009
      2009/12/9 George Dinwiddie:
      > At least some people read the readme, because I did.  I just wasn't
      > sure, after doing so, what was the "correct" way to install.  Much of
      > this is my own inexperience with the OSX environment.
      > My posting was prompted by two motivations:
      >  1. To confirm that I'd done a reasonable thing, and
      >  2. To help improve the situation for the next person.
      > I've found that when I know something, it's very difficult for me to
      > remember what confused me before I knew it.  In many things I create,
      > getting that newbie point of view is both important and difficult for
      > me.  All I'm suggesting is that it might be worth adding a few more
      > lines to the readme.  Maybe something like:
      > "To install, drag the MacVim app into your Applications folder.  If
      > you'd like easy access from the command line, put the mvim script
      > somewhere on your PATH, or provide an alias to it."
      > Does that make sense?

      That sounds good...I will add this to the README. It is invaluable to
      me to get user feedback on how to enhance these sort of little things
      since I myself don't think much about them. Thanks!


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