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  • björn
    Dec 9, 2009
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      Hi George,

      2009/12/6 George Dinwiddie:
      > Just an FYI that this Mac newbie (experienced with both Windows &
      > Unices) found the installation a little confusing.  I ended up putting
      > the MacVim program in /Applications & the mvim script in /usr/local/bin
      > along with a gvim symbolic link.  Does that seem right?  Would it be
      > worth adding to the install package?

      All Mac apps either come as an archive (admittedly it is usually a
      .dmg though) or as an installer program. In the former case you
      always just drag the app to wherever you want to keep it (usually
      /Applications). The latter is not used that often really, or when it
      is it's usually because the app you're installing contains multiple
      files. In any case, it is not suitable for MacVim since it is only
      one app bundle (the "mvim" script is optional).

      In the archive I also provide this README:

      This archive contains a snapshot build of 'MacVim.app' and the shell script

      For usage instructions, please start MacVim and type ":h macvim"
      (without the quotes).

      This snapshot requires an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

      Do you think I should be more explicit on the install instructions
      here? The help (:h macvim) should contain all the information you
      need (scroll down to ":h mvim"), but maybe it is better to spell you
      the installation essentials in the readme? Or does anybody ever read
      readmes anyway?

      Anyway, apart from the "mvim" script, I don't think the installation
      procedure can be simplified.


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