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11109Re: Disable "New Document Containing Selection" option when text is selected

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  • Carl Jacobsen
    Dec 3, 2009
      On Tue, 1 Dec 2009, björn wrote:

      > 2009/12/1 Dan Conner:
      >> ... I see almost no use for the "New Document Containing
      >> Selection" menu option that now appears whenever I right click on
      >> selected text, ...
      > Interesting...I did not even know about that menu. This is apparently
      > a new feature in Snow Leopard -- that menu item is a "Service" that
      > MacVim provides. It used to be that these only showed up on the
      > "Services" menu (as a submenu to the current application menu).
      > Unfortunately there is no easy permanent way of getting rid of this.
      > One way that will work until you update MacVim.app is to open up
      > MacVim.app/Contents/Info.plist
      > and get rid of the line which contains "NSServices" and the <array>
      > ... </array> item that follows (this spans ~63 lines). ...

      I notice two things, looking at the NSServices section of Info.plist...

      First, on Snow Leopard, the initial "MacVim/" part of the descriptions
      doesn't come through, which makes the descriptions in the context menu
      (only) confusing (in the Services menu, there's a little MacVim icon
      in front of the name, and in Leopard's Services menu, the "MacVim/"
      part turns into a nice submenu). Perhaps MacVim should be incorporated
      into the service names? Something like changing the names:

      MacVim/New Document Containing Selection
      MacVim/Open Selected File
      MacVim/New Document Here
      to these:
      MacVim/New MacVim Document Containing Selection
      MacVim/Open Selected File with MacVim
      MacVim/New MacVim Document Here

      (leaving the "MacVim/" on the front so Leopard still gets a submenu
      in Services; it seems to be harmlessly ignored in Snow Leopard).

      Second, the "Open Selected File" and "New Document Here" services don't
      show up in Snow Leopard (in my experience, at least). I would dearly
      love to be able to control-click in a Finder folder and choose "New
      MacVim Document Here"... Any chance of getting this working in Snow

      If it helps, the one example I have at hand of an app that *does* show
      up in the context menu on Snow Leopard, when control-clicking in a
      Finder window is EagleFiler. Where MacVim has (roughly) this:


      EagleFiler appears to instead have this:


      essentially not requiring a specific context, but instead expecting
      a NSFilenamesPboardType type.

      -- Carl

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