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11096Re: Disable "New Document Containing Selection" option when text is selected

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  • Dan Conner
    Dec 1, 2009
      On Dec 1, 1:40 pm, björn <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      > Interesting...I did not even know about that menu.  This is apparently
      > a new feature in Snow Leopard -- that menu item is a "Service" that
      > MacVim provides.  It used to be that these only showed up on the
      > "Services" menu (as a submenu to the current application menu).

      Thanks for the pointer. The menu item can be disabled by going to
      System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts, selecting Services
      in the left column, and unchecking the "New Document Containing
      Selection" item in the list under the Text category. Which is enough
      for me.

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