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11001Re: Problems with some simbols in MacVim

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  • björn
    Nov 13, 2009
      2009/11/13 Pablo Giménez:
      >> >> > Just checking, now is printing characters but not the proper ones.
      >> >> > In the spanish layout you have  to press Option(Alt)+3 to get the  #
      >> >> > symbol.
      >> No, you have to press Shift+3 to get # using Spanish layout.
      > Sorry Bjorn but in the Spanish layout # is Option+3, I am sure, uou you can
      > see it in the keyboard viewer and I type it everyday :)

      Ok, I see that if you use the "Spanish - ISO" layout it is Alt+3. I
      tested with the layout "Spanish" which does use Shift+3. How
      confusing. :-/

      > If I open the vim shipped with MacOSX from terminal, it recognizes the
      > Option+3 as the # character. So this only affects MacVim.
      >  But ... after some testing I realized that the problem is that I am using
      > set macmeta, to use some keymaps with the M modifier.
      > This seems to cause that MacVim is not passing the Option(alt) modifier
      > properly for some key combinations, like the Option+3.
      > Without macmeta the keyboard works perfectly, but I need the macmeta :)

      Sorry, there is nothing I can do about that. Either you let Mac OS X
      interpret Alt-presses ('macmeta' off), or you let Vim handle it
      ('macmeta' on)...you can't have both. My suggestion is to rebind keys
      that use Alt to use e.g. Cmd (<D-..>) instead and turn 'macmeta' off.
      At any rate, there is no bug here.


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