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10998Re: Problems with some simbols in MacVim

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  • Pablo Giménez
    Nov 12, 2009
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      2009/11/11 björn <bjorn.winckler@...>

      Hi Pablo,

      My replies are a little out of order, I hope you can cope.

      2009/11/11 Pablo Giménez:
      > Just checking seems that in the Mac the spanish keyboard layout is in using
      > the latin encoding rather than unicode. I don't know if this can cause the
      > problem.

      All input that reaches MacVim is Unicode (UTF-16)

      >> > Just checking, now is printing characters but not the proper ones.
      >> > In the spanish layout you have  to press Option(Alt)+3 to get the  #
      >> > symbol.

      No, you have to press Shift+3 to get # using Spanish layout.
      Sorry Bjorn but in the Spanish layout # is Option+3, I am sure, uou you can see it in the keyboard viewer and I type it everyday :)
      If I open the vim shipped with MacOSX from terminal, it recognizes the Option+3 as the # character. So this only affects MacVim.
       But ... after some testing I realized that the problem is that I am using set macmeta, to use some keymaps with the M modifier.
      This seems to cause that MacVim is not passing the Option(alt) modifier properly for some key combinations, like the Option+3.
      Without macmeta the keyboard works perfectly, but I need the macmeta :)

      Just open up "Keyboard Viewer" and you can see where all the keys are
      (go to "Input Sources" in the "Language & Text" System Preference
      pane, click "Show Input menu in menu bar", and in the list view tick
      the "Keyboard & Character Viewer" item at the top, then you can open
      the keyboard viewer from the language menu that sits next to the clock
      on the menu bar).

      >> >> I am using MacVim with a spanish keyboard layout.
      >> >> I always use the termencoding=utf-8 option.

      This option is forcibly set to utf-8 anyway and is ignored, so you
      don't have to set it.

      >> >> My problem is that I can´t use some symbols like for example the #,
      >> >> basically it doesn´t appear whe I typed them.
      >> >> All the symbols works properly in other tools is just MacVim,

      I don't understand the problem.  Please be more specific (step-by-step

      >> >> Is this related with some utf problem like this:
      >> >>
      >> >> http://old.nabble.com/MacVim-file-encoding-and-Quicklook-td17289501.html

      No, that does not sound related.

      >> >> Or is just a limitation of MacVim with thespanish keyboard layout.

      No, there is no limitation that I am aware of.

      >> >> PD: is the problem described in the above link solved?

      No, still waiting for a patch. (hint, hint)


      Un saludo
      Best Regards
      Pablo Giménez

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