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10932Re: pdfsync with TeXShop?

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  • Bruno De Fraine
    Oct 15, 2009
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      On 14 Oct 2009, at 21:46, Andrewbt wrote:
      > I've just started using a Mac (with Snow Leopard) and want to use
      > TeXShop, but of course would like to use macvim with it as the
      > editor. How can I set things up so that pdfsync works between the
      > two?

      I'm not familiar with TeXShop, but this is what you can do with Skim
      as the PDF viewer:

      1) Configure Vim to run pdflatex with the flag -synctex=1.
      Alternatively, you can include \synctex=1 in the preamble of your
      document. Make sure your TeX supports this, for example, MacTeX 2008.
      (Synctex should work better than pdfsync, which could sometimes
      influence your layout.)

      2) In the Skim preferences for "Sync", configure to invoke the editor
      with something such as:
      Command: mvim
      Arguments: --remote-tab-silent +%line "%file"

      3) When viewing a PDF, Shift-Cmd-click somewhere to open the
      corresponding source file in MacVim at that point.

      If you really want to use TeXShop, probably you can find some more
      information at:

      Best regards,

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