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10857Re: Simplified build procedure for MacVim

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  • Tyson Roberts
    Oct 3, 2009
      Yeah, I'm in the same situation on my MBP - set the flags and did the 6/4 trick to no avail.

      I suspect that might change in the future, but in any case, not really worried.  I apologize,
      was not meaning to preach to the choir on this one. 

      Anyway, I digress - back to MacVim stuff!

      - Tyson

      On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 7:50 PM, orestis <arestis@...> wrote:

      Hello Tyson,

      Yes i am aware of this as some of the apps already run at 64bit mode.
      What I am saying is that apple decided to turn off 64bit mode on
      macbooks completely.

      So even if i change the boot flags as stated here (http://netkas.org/?
      or holding down the keys "6" and "4" during boot, i always get into
      32bit mode.

      What i was thinking was that the automated build process might had a
      bug into
      picking the right libraries / paths and so on, as the configure script
      uses uname to get information about the system...

      However, as it seems the problem was due to a modified icon. (thanks

      On Oct 3, 11:20 am, Tyson Roberts <nallo...@...> wrote:
      > From what I understand, the 32 bit kernel should not affect anything,
      > really.  None of the stuff that touches external apps (including 64 bit
      > libraries/apps) is affected by whether the kernel is running in 32/64 bit.
      > The 32 bit kernel supports 64 bit apps without change.
      > Also, it's not just the MBs that are affected - almost all models (with the
      > exception of some of their servers) boot into 32 bit kernel by default,
      > mostly out of respect for the fact that most 3rd parties haven't written 64
      > bit drivers yet.
      > Tyson
      > > > By the way, i don't know if this affects anything (probably not), but
      > > > > i am running the Snow Leopard kernel in 32bit mode.
      > > > I guess you could try starting in 64 bit mode and see if it makes any
      > > > difference...?
      > > > I'm afraid I don't know what the problem is: lets hope Nico has an
      > > idea...Nico?
      > > > Björn
      > > I tried to boot in 64bit mode, but i could not get it working.
      > > From what i've read, it seems that apple decided to prevent macbooks
      > > (not pros) from booting into 64bit mode.

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