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10849Re: Simplified build procedure for MacVim

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  • Nico Weber
    Oct 2, 2009
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      >> Thanks for the reply. I have already tried cleaning the directory
      >> before running make and i still got the same error (sorry for
      >> forgetting to mention it).
      >> I even deleted my local repository and re-pulled it to ensure that i
      >> have a clean one before building and the same problem keeps popping
      >> up.
      >> Whatever i do, it seems that the assertion is always triggered.
      >> By the way, i don't know if this affects anything (probably not), but
      >> i am running the Snow Leopard kernel in 32bit mode.
      > I guess you could try starting in 64 bit mode and see if it makes any
      > difference...?
      > I'm afraid I don't know what the problem is: lets hope Nico has an
      > idea...Nico?

      Not really. Are you running some theming software that replaced your /
      GenericDocumentIcon.icns ? Can you send me that file?


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