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  • björn
    Oct 1, 2009
      2009/9/30 Doris Wagner:
      > hi list,
      > I am using vim from the terminal (mac os 10.5); I often use german
      > umlauts;
      > now, when I write the umlaut ö with another editor, in my case with
      > texshop, and open the file with vim, there ist no ö displayed, but
      > <9a>;
      > apparently, something with the encoding is wrong;
      > my .vimrc-settings are as in
      > http://hoepfl.de/articles/2007/01/vimderbar.html
      > recommended, that is:
      > set encoding=utf-8
      > set fileencoding=
      > setglobal fileencoding=utf-8
      > set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,latin1 set termencoding=latin1
      > so can anyone help me?

      Hi Doris,

      It seems that texshop is not using UTF-8 so either tell it to use
      UTF-8 or set the proper file encoding in Vim. I don't know which is
      the correct one though...maybe somebody else on the list knows, or ask
      on vim_use.


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