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1069Re: Drop to window

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  • Axel Kielhorn
    Aug 16 9:05 AM
      At 16:58 Uhr +0900 2003-08-16, MURAOKA Taro wrote:
      >Thank you very much.
      >I'm very glad to get report for CW which I can't test.
      >Based on your report, I have fixed and created a new patch.
      >Please try attached one, instead of previous.

      This time you did the diff in src, I had to add "src/" do the filenames first.
      The patch applied with an offset of 2 to 6.2.071 and compiled fine,
      but I got some linking errors.

      I had to add "dragLib" to fix them.

      After that it links fine and seems to work as usual. But when I drop
      a file into the Vim window, I get a complete crash.

      Since this means a reboot on OS 8.6 I'll leave debugging to someone
      with a better environment.

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