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10680Re: Snow Leopard drops MacOSX10.4u.sdk SDK -- MacVim won't build on 10.6

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  • björn
    Sep 1 12:29 PM
      2009/9/1 Nico Weber:
      >> NSBitmapImageRep 0x104a210a0 Size={128, 128} ColorSpace=(not yet
      >> loaded) BPS=8 BPP=(not yet loaded) Pixels=128x128 Alpha=YES Planar=NO
      >> Format=(not yet loaded) CurrentBacking=nil (faulting)
      > Interesting. Does SL load images lazily? Just to make sure, what's the
      > output of
      >     ls -l /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/
      > Resources/GenericDocumentIcon.icns
      > ? But since the size seems to be set, that file should be there? If
      > so, I have to do some digging… :-/

      I just installed Snow Leopard myself. Here is what I found out:

      Uncomment the test for format that caused the error on line 58 and it
      asserts a little later:

      /usr/bin/python make_icons.py .
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "make_icons.py", line 198, in <module>
      File "make_icons.py", line 190, in main
      textrenderer=SmallTextRenderer, backgroundrenderer=NoIconRenderer)
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      561, in makedocicon
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      537, in makedocicon_opts
      icons = dict([(s, renderer.createIconAtSize(s)) for s in sizes])
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      516, in createIconAtSize
      return createIcon(s, self.bgRenderer, self.textRenderer, self.testtext)
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      365, in createIcon
      output = bg.backgroundAtSize(s).copy()
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      204, in backgroundAtSize
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      194, in drawAtSize
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      147, in groundAtSize
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      161, in _performSplit
      ground, shadow = splitGenericDocumentIcon(self.unsplitted, s)
      File "/Users/winckler/macvim/src/MacVim/icons/docerator.py", line
      242, in splitGenericDocumentIcon
      assert ir == ig == ib
      make: *** [MacVim-generic.icns] Error 1

      Ok. So I comment out the assertion (what's going on here...if
      alpha=255 then r=g=b is supposed to hold...but why?) and the script
      works. But...the icons come out looking strange:


      Nico: any clue what's going on. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

      Anyway, I'm focussing on the rest of the compilations problems (seems
      like the scrollbars never appear, lots of compilation warnings, etc.,
      I'll post again when this is fixed).


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