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1066Re: autoconf for Carbon Vim

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  • The Shrubber
    Aug 15, 2003
      Hi again,

      I attach v6 of a patch that allows us to compile Carbon Vim through
      the old ./configure; make; make install routine.

      This patch no longer uses any m4 defines in configure.in. It also
      installs the runtime files directly in the Vim.app directory, thus
      making it self-contained, just like any other Mac application.

      1) extract vim 6.2: src extra lang
      apply patches vim 6.2.000 to 6.2.056

      2) extract the attached file
      cd vim62
      patch -p 1 < autoconf_macosx.diff
      cd src
      autoconf -o auto/configure

      3) ./configure; make; make install

      Please let me know how it works out,

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