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10542Re: Keymapping using Option, Ctrl and Cmd keys not working

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  • björn
    Jul 31, 2009
      > I am trying to make some keymaps for MacVim snapshot 47 using the Alt
      > plus another modifier like Ctrl or Cmd keys.
      > For example:
      > noremap <C-M-n> :tabnew<CR>
      > noremap <D-M-n> :tabnew<CR>
      > But both of them don´t work.
      > I have already enabled the use of the Alt key as a meta key with:
      > :set macmeta

      I can confirm that the first mapping does not work -- however it will
      once I merge the feat/input branch (snap 48 most likely).

      There is no reason why the second mapping should not work though. If
      I copy&paste that second mapping into snap 47 it works like a charm.
      Are you quite sure that it doesn't work? Have you made sure that your
      .vimrc/.gvimrc/.vim are not interfering by renaming them temporarily
      and restarting?


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