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105Re: PWD?

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  • Eugene Lee
    Aug 21 9:58 AM
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      On Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 01:11:54AM +0200, H. Eckert wrote:
      : Quoting Eugene Lee (eugene@...):
      : > Now if you wanna open a text file with Vim whose file creator isn't set
      : > to "VIM!", the easiest thing to do is to drag your text file onto the
      : > VimPPC icon directly, or indirectly on an alias or a launcher app.
      : Well, wouldn't it be straightforward (from a user's point of view)
      : if Vim would take the file's directory as the current directory if
      : Vim is started by drag'n'drop ?

      Actually, I've modified my .vimrc so that when Vim starts up with a
      file, it also changes to that file's directory. If it starts up without
      a file, then it changes to the desktop folder/directory.

      Eugene Lee
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