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10458Re: Zoom window horizontally too?

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  • David Wilson
    Jul 8, 2009
      Hey Bjorn,

      Thanks a million, I'm blind. :)


      2009/7/8 björn <bjorn.winckler@...>

      2009/7/8 David M. Wilson:
      > I've been digging through the docs with no luck. Basically, I have a
      > global accelerator assigned to any menu option labelled "Zoom". This
      > has the effect in Terminal of expanding the focused window to full
      > vertical/horizontal dimensions.
      > Can this be done with MacVim? I noticed the old Carbon port also only
      > maximized vertically, so I thought perhaps there is a generic Gvim-
      > related option for it.
      > (I'm aware of full screen mode - awesome! but not quite what I want)

      Hi David,

      You must have been digging in the wrong places! :-)

      Take a look at

      :h macvim

      This is one of the hints mentioned in the ":h macvim-hints" section.
      It boils down to this: open Terminal and type

      defaults write org.vim.MacVim MMZoomBoth 1


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