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  • Tim Hammerquist
    Jul 1, 2009
      Matrix Mole <matrixm@...> wrote:

      On Jun 28, 12:20 am, Bob <roberto.pagli...@...> wrote:
      > hello,
      > i'm new to macvim. I just installed it, and I was wondering how to set
      > transparency, and how to set default options: I'd like, for example,
      > to set default colors and tabs. I coulnd't find any .vimrc file.
      > Thanks

      By default there is no .vimrc file usually. What you'll need to do is
      create this file manually. Just open a new buffer in macvim and after
      putting the options you want in there, just save it as ~/.vimrc and
      that should take care of it for you. The next time you open macvim
      those options will be in place.

      Alternatively, you can save the current state of vim using :mkvimrc .  It will write out the current configuration information to ~/.vimrc for you.

      :he :mkvimrc


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