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10423Re: How to run MacVim from Command Line?

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  • björn
    Jun 29, 2009
      2009/6/29 Unnsse Khan:
      > I meant /Users/untz/DevTools/ in both places...
      > The mvim script came bundled with MacVim...
      > So, you are saying that I set the VIM_APP_DIR to /Users/untz/DevTools/
      > MacVim-7_2-stable-1_2 in .bash_profile?
      > How will this be set in the PATH?

      It has nothing to do with PATH -- it's just an env variable that the
      mvim script uses (open it up and see for yourself). All I meant was
      that you add something like

      export VIM_APP_DIR="/Users/untz/DevTools/MacVim-7_2-stable-1_2"

      to your .bash_profile (or .profile).


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