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10418How to run MacVim from Command Line?

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  • untz
    Jun 28, 2009
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      Hello there,

      I am installed MacVim on OS X Leopard in the following directory:


      There's a mvim Unix shell script inside that particular directory
      which I can invoke using ./mvim

      However, when I placed this into my PATH by creating a MACVIM_HOME
      under .bash_profile, I was still unable to launch MacVim from the
      command line.

      My .bash_profile:

      export MACVIM_HOME="/Users/untz/DevTools/MacVim-7_2-stable-1_2";

      How can I set it so when I type in "vim" or "gvim" or "mvim" that I
      will able to launch MacVim from the command line?

      With thanks...

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