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10281Re: Windows port of MacVim?

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  • George V. Reilly
    Apr 30, 2009
      On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 7:33 AM, Corcoran <kwcorcoran@...> wrote:

      Well then, I won't hold my breath.  Thanks for the info.

      The things that I like about MacVim over GVim are

      1.  Looks good out of the box.
      2.  Easy to customize minor graphical things (font, etc.) through a
      menu, instead of Modifying a confusing .vimrc file.
      3.  Opening a file in MacVim results in it being opened in a new
      instance, instead of a new Gvim "Window" (am I getting the terminology
      right here?) which replaces the view of what you were previously
      4.  Easily switch between instances/windows with apple`
      5.  Easy font scaling with apple- apple+

      So it's really just interface/usability issues.
      #2: :set guifont=* brings up a font chooser dialog in Windows and Gnome gvim.
      #3: As far as I can tell, MacVim is a separate application that controls one or more instances of gvim, each running in a separate process. There's no analog to this on other platforms. You just run gvim directly.
      #4 follows from #3
      But, yeah, MacVim is purtier.
      /George V. Reilly  george@...
      http://www.georgevreilly.com/blog  http://blogs.cozi.com/tech

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